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Current projects: Ongoing "Armored Champions Series" and "Kamonohashi," "Late Fee" movie and accompanying graphic novel.

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Late Fee Vol. 1

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Item No. 130-JJ70S

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"When troublemaker Dillon refuses to pay his library late fees, things get rough as he becomes targeted by a collection agency. The problem is, they're not after his money anymore; they're after his life! Dillon has to fight off a squad of assassins led by the library's accountant or suffer the consequences!"

Graphic novel. Black-and-white, 194 pgs. Recommended for ages 13+

Story and Art by Frank Ogrodowski, Concept by Frank Ogrodowski, Eric Ogrodowski, Phil Beaudry, Chris Trafer, Dave Shields, Eric Busch, and Ryan Schroder

Armored ChampionsKamonohashi

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