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Repair Bay Productions was founded way back in 2007. Originally envisioned as "the Repair Bay," an action figure customization and restoration shop, it soon evolved into a catch-all business - action figure resale, art commissions, and odd-jobs here and there, all under one banner. Owned and operated solely by Frank Ogrodowski since its inception, it wasnít until 2014 that it found a more focused purpose. Frank, being an independent artist and writer, decided that the best course for the company to take was that of production company. Itís new goal was to create entertainment, and serve as an artistic outlet. It was also decided, however, that this outlet should not be reserved for Frank alone, and thus it became the mission of the Repair Bay to support the work of the independent artist.

It is passion that drives every artist, and it is that same passion which we want to nurture. To help foster this passion, we aim to bring together independent artists of all kinds, to work together and to help one another grow in their art and in their pursuit of a career through such. The idea is to act as a hive-mind, to share ideas and energies; to remain independent, but to create a network of support and collaborators; to bring to life the stories that live inside the minds of the artists; to give independent artists the means to create and make their work known.

In short, the Repair Bay is run by the independent artist, to serve the independent artist.

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