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THAT is our new, official URL. You can now use that to access the site instead of that ultra-tedious previous one you might still see floating around here and there.

Late Fee Volume I, out now!
I am pleased to announce that our first book, Late Fee is finally finished! At 194 black-and-white pages, it is now available for pre-order here. The first batch will be in stock mid-to-late June, so be sure to pre-order your copy today!

the Repair Bay...Repaired!
Welcome! I am proud to present the new and (once again) improved Repair Bay! We've shifted our focus from archiving toys to comic, movie, and action figure production. From our larger ongoing projects like the "Armored Champions Series" and "Kamonohashi" to smaller one-shot movies and graphic novels like "Late Fee," we'll have a wide variety of entertainment to provide. Check back soon as we'll be updating regularly!

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